10 Beautiful Floating Staircase Design

We dream of it all, a beautiful floating staircase design in our house where we walk up in a straight line or round shape with a beautiful view of our house. Especially a floating staircase is a dream for many people. Sometimes keep this dream or because we have the possibility of there not in our house, it does not fit, it costs too much money or it is unsafe with children for example.

Floating stairs are not very practical when you have young children. They can not travel up or down the stairs alone, so you always have to watch them but you can also, for example very difficult assembling a stair gate for.

Therefore, a floating staircase especially reserved for families with older children or children who are already out of the house. Let’s dream away at 10 examples of beautiful floating stairs. A floating staircase can be placed anywhere in the room across the hall but also outside in the garden. We have you collected all sorts of examples that will inspire you!

Basically this is not really that construction gives the staircase just his character and let it look tougher. Floating staircase design can be made from virtually any material, as long as the connection to the wall it is solid enough, and the step is properly connected thereto.

The step is typically of a construction provided with motivation of which is with the desired material. Would you like for example a glass floating staircase you will always see something of construction. I hope you enjoy reading this article then inspiring to you to make your own beautiful dream house in the future. Happy reading everyone, see you in the other inspiring article.

Floating Staircase Design
Floating Staircase Design

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