10 Ideas Living Room Storage

Any homeowner expects that it will not only be living a comfortable and convenient place to gather the whole family and entertaining, but will also perform additional functions, for example, will be the area to install a spacious living room storage. Even a very modest size living room can accommodate storage system made in the form of open shelves and hanging cabinets, and even in a large room, you can not limit the possibilities and install a complete home library.

Living Room Storage Ideas

The original facade or an unusual color choice, modern decor or the use of substandard materials to create a non-trivial enough storage and performance of one of the items. Present living today without a modular living room storage systems is difficult, even with the desire for minimalism modern style such furniture is mandatory.

Just in time, the so-called wall lose their decor, in simplified designs, but do not lose in performance. But modern modular solutions boast high functionality, attractive appearance and ergonomic design. In order that the modular living room storage is needed, one will not argue. But if you can not do without it, then why through this piece of furniture does not bring in a variety of interior space, originality and creativity?

But what an extraordinary storage system is different from a typical wall, you will be able to learn from our impressive collection of design projects of modern living. We hope that the variety of presented storage everyone will be able to find its own model, which is perfectly adapted to the existing interior or will be initially incorporated into the draft room.

One of the key conditions for creating a non-trivial models of wall highlight the presence of the design or appearance of furniture. This may be an unusual choice of color, the original coating material, atypical design broken lines, sloping elements, non-linear shelves. The carved facade, lacquered surfaces, glass inserts, built-in lights for the original model in the course are all possible design techniques.

But beyond the aesthetic of data, it is important that your living room storage system meets practical needs. For beautiful crockery and collectibles suitable display cases with glass doors and open shelves. For home library, even of modest size is better to give preference to the suspended rack or separate shelves. To place a video zone are ideal modern modular systems, which are often presented in a combined variant both open shelves and cabinets with fronts.

Many owners of private houses and even apartment living is associated primarily with the warmth of the family hearth. Typically, a fireplace set in the center of one of the walls, it would be logical to use the remaining space for the installation of living room storage.

This composition brings symmetry and balance in the interior of the premises. Particularly, if the video zone is located above the mantel tv is attached to the surface of the chimney, and the columns and other equipment may be located in adjacent modular storage system.

Storage Furniture For Living Room
Storage Furniture For Living Room

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