10 Modern Black Kitchen Design Ideas

Black is always in, but when it comes to kitchen equipment, has mixed feelings about it. A black kitchen can however look very chic. In a combination with white or wood a stylish contemporary kitchen is the result. It combines the dark colors with an optical effect of the narrower space.

When combined with other colors of black correctly, the kitchen looks even greater. Explore these designer kitchens and be inspired, like the black color in your kitchen equipment may include. With the black fronts and wood accents, this kitchen has a bit aggressive design. You have to think about light sources, when you have so much black in the device. Indirect lighting can give the room a beautiful play of light and shadow in such cases.

This is a chic kitchen that is completely furnished in black. Victorian white accents – tableware, tea set and cake stand refresh their appearance. Very striking and luxurious are the crystal chandeliers and the countertops of black marble. Black fits nicely even to set up country-style. Many materials and textures are combined in this modern kitchen. Warm wood, tile with vintage patterns, rustic brick wall and smooth white porcelain sink in harmony with the black fronts.

Black fits nicely into rooms with rectangular shapes and lots of natural light. You can confer with black kitchen furniture a dramatic contrast and sense of spaciousness to your kitchen. Even a kitchen in country style. Black upper and lower cabinets are in addition to kitchen appliances. This is an elegant design that combined diverse materials.

If you want to have a black kitchen, then you do not need to plan the entire device in black. You can use the color as an accent and select Black for only a few pieces of furniture. This kitchen is a good example. To have the same time a bright room with the chic black color.

You can determine black as the main color in which you paint an element that does not fall so much in the eye at first glance. Thus, the soil is, for example. Underline the wooden floor black for a stunning effect. Instead of wall cabinets select shelves in black. To allow more visually clear. In the kitchen white small-format tiles are combined with black grout for a strong contrast. The metal lamps and cylindrical hood look more like the industrial style.

Here the strong contrast between black and white kitchen is striking. The materials and textures contrast with each other well. You can experiment with and create your own combination. Furniture in monochromatic color scheme is a great complement to the minimalist look. Glossy surfaces and simple rectangular shapes look clean and luxurious.

The metallic sheen and industrial accents give this kitchen a futuristic look. Matt surfaces acting as warmer than those in high gloss. The feeling of warmth is amplified by the soft light and the worktop in Beige. Feel free to choose not a lot of black kitchen for small rooms. You just need to have enough natural light available, which can neutralize the dark color.

Black And White Kitchen
Black And White Kitchen

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