10 Modern Rock Garden Ideas

Having a rock garden ideas or alpine garden makes every outdoor space more beautiful and help create visual interest. Both types of gardens extend the variety of plants you can plant by creating special environments for alpine species.

Alpine plants grow on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains where soil drainage is good and there is plenty of light. Using rocks and carefully placed rocks, you can recreate these conditions in a miniature garden a large rock placed in the right place will create South and North slopes for example.

Your rock garden ideas should be away from any tree and shrubs in order to make the most of the light. The garden can be larger or smaller, depending on your preferences and your available space. If you have a large garden, you will need special equipment to work the land, giving it a shape and raising. In a smaller garden you will probably not need special equipment even if the crowbar you can always be help move the rocks.

The best time to start creating a rock garden ideas or alpine garden in winter is to give rock and soil time to rest before planting the plants in the spring. Start creating your garden by cleaning the ground herbs. If you have problems with perennial weeds such as bindweed, you will definitely need to use weedkiller. Remember to add supports to the rocks and stones to improve drainage and then a layer of special waterproof fabric to prevent the land being washed away and to prevent weeds grow among the rocks and stones.

The type of stones and rocks you will use in your garden is very important. Local stones are often the best choice and always give a very natural look to the landscape. After choosing the stones and rocks you will use, place them in the North to have different angles with different microclimates in the garden. Place the largest rock, the one that will play masterpiece, first and use the smaller rocks and stones to secure. Then cover them with a layer of topsoil without weeds.

Fill the space with small rocks and stones also the smoldering ground. Finally, use a small part of the small rock garden ideas to create “pockets” of planting small forms where the rocks will keep the compost mixture in place. You can make your own compost mixture by mixing equal amounts of land without weeds, horticultural seed and pulp sheets. Use this mixture to fill the planting pockets and crevices between the rocks.

Alpine plant species in the spring gives them time to stabilize before winter. Plant alpine who love the sun on the south side of the great rocks and alpine who love the cold on the opposite side. Water the plants when they are still in their pots and then remove jars. Plant the alpine in pockets in well with the surrounding compost mixture. Finish with a layer of horticultural grit or gravel.

Rock Garden Ideas
Rock Garden Ideas

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