10 Original Ideas French Interior Design

Furniture be straightened and positioned to each other in a pre-measured distance. Everything has its fixed, immovable place. These features of the french interior design, the perfect counter-movement. Everything here reflects the mentality of the citizens again: sociability and love of comfort. The provencialische life here is a small feast for the senses.

To get a first idea of ​​you close your eyes and imagine to live in an apartment overlooking a small village square, which is lined with cozy cafés. Here it is preferable to the natural environment in which everything is organic and very natural set – without measuring tape and spirit level.

To furnish the first way instead into the furniture store can lead to your own attic to see what is currently obtained from grandma’s day. Historic furniture can be quiet combined with a few modern touches, but the antique charm should not be lost here. Instead Fibreboard of french interior design for living room of genuine solid wood furniture.

As sofas and armchairs are particularly suitable romantic Recamieres and wing chairs in country house style with beautifully curved frame or even a white sofa in a country style would certainly not be out of place. The lamps are the secret eye-catching: you can be a little quiet exaggeratedly large and ornate, like this chandelier.

Time, also to bring the silver Erb cutlery again from the drawer, because this fits like no other for the french interior design. The wines must no longer remain in the basement, but find a new place in wrought iron wine rack in the middle of the living room.

If you want to build a whole house in the french interior design, should pay special attention to the facade. Here no Klinkersteine ​​but unplastered natural stone and brick walls are. Inside exposed wooden beams and roof constructions ensure absolute comfort.

In Provence, a carpet is rarely to be seen: Here you design its floors with stone and tile floors and floor to ceiling windows. Also shutters underline the rustic comfort that you open up in the morning to let his gaze wander over the wide fields. Who has the opportunity to build a wrought-iron garden gate or a fence, thus completes the rural charm.

French Interior Designer
French Interior Designer

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