Accessories For Perfect Vintage Bedroom Decor

One style that is gaining more followers in recent years, is the vintage bedrooms. The vintage bedroom decor style is a decorative style reminiscent of the past, to a distant era will not return but nevertheless, may be present in our home through a good atmosphere. Want to decorate your bedroom following the vintage style ? Let’s see how!

A bed with head wrought iron or aged wood is a good choice for your bedroom has the retro look you want, then all you have to dress the bed with a flowery textiles or geometric prints retro air as these quilts to find in here! You ‘ll have a bed full of vintage bedroom decor inspiration.


Besides the bed, you should look for a nightstand that meets these characteristics. The ideal is that it is a nightstand with moldings, either wooden or bright colors or pastel. Among the vintage it is fashionable to wear antique items to give them a new use, for example, can transform a pretty old suitcase in a beautiful nightstand. Topped with an auxiliary lamp retro look, never fails.

The wardrobe or dressing

No bedroom with no closet or dresser to store clothes. The style of this wardrobe should be vintage look, as if it had been teleported in a time machine. If you like variation Vintage Shabby Chic style, commitment White, It will look like a bedroom out of a Grimm Brothers tale!

In addition to the duvet covers, the sheets or duvets, we must also take into account other typical textiles in bedrooms such as cushions and carpets. When choosing these accessories, be sure they can help you complete the vintage look of your room.

Various Accessories

Acclimate to finish a vintage bedroom decor air, it is important that you include in shelves and shelves objects and accessories 70-80. Olivetti typewriter type, a phone with wheel aspect polaroid photos, etc. The more details you include antique look through your stuff, the easier it is to get a vintage bedroom decor. Would you have liked these tips and advice for a vintage bedroom ? Remember get the flavor of the old is in your hands.


Vintage Bedroom Decor
Vintage Bedroom Decor

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