Amazing Bedroom

What do you think will make an amazing bedroom? The bed design? The room style? Honestly I don’t know, Bedroom is more personal than you think. For me, at least bedroom is a kind inner sanctuary where I can dump my persona. Since I have my own room (I never shared them with my brother or sister) my room has changed as much as me changed. This evolution still continued until now.

Thus to create the most amazing bedroom, you need not to buy hell of expensive furniture. Instead, you need to decorate it with yourself ~your persona as to speak~. This article is not about what kind of thing you need to do to create the most amazing bedroom, instead this is a list for things you can change in order to create the most amazing bedroom.

Amazing Bedroom Ideas

First is the wall, to create the most impact on your amazing bedroom design is trough the wall. When you think about it, the walls is like an empty giant canvas waiting for you, the artist to paint your masterpiece. Walls can be used for murals, pattern and decal if you bored with simple painting.

Your bed is your flagship inside your amazing bedroom design. Every time I go inside others bedroom or a room with a bed, my stare always lead me to the bed. I always spend most of my time in my bedroom on my bed. Be it sleeping , studying or reading. As such I leave things on the beds. This thought make me wonder what kind of thing bed owners left on the bed.

Wall art, photo and decoration is a great idea to express your persona in your room. On your amazing bedroom design, what kind of thing you want to show outside? Is it your love with your hobby? The way you cherished your family? Or the things that makes you happy? It’s quite easy to do it. Freedom is in your hand.

Amazing Bedroom (3)
Amazing Bedroom (3)

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