An Easy Calendar For The Garden

Easy Calendar For The Garden – This is a fundamental calendar from the essential jobs you must do every month to make sure a garden is both attractive and productive. For the way far south or north you reside within the United kingdom, you may want to vary this calendar one of the ways or another by one or two weeks.

The month of January

Plan a garden layout and jobs for that year and order seed products and plants

Prune fruit trees and soft fruit shrubbery

Plant out onion sets and garlic clove


Clean decking, balconies and pathways

Reduce shrubbery

Sow annual flowers and early veggies within the green house

Provide your shed a clean up to make sure everything is needed for that new gardening year


If there’s no snow or frost, provide your lawn its first cut of the season using the rotor blades on the high setting

Plant out early taters

Sow sturdy annual flowers outdoors


Spread mulch on flower beds and around trees and shrubbery

Sow tender plants in green house or conservatory

Apply spring feed and moss killer to grass

Clean lower a garden furniture and barbecue ready to be used


Safeguard fruit shrubbery from wild birds

Earth up rows of taters

Sow beans and courgettes outdoors

Your lawnmower rotor blades could be decreased for any closer cut now


Safeguard plants from slugs, snails and greenfly

Plant out tender bedding plants

When the weather conditions are dry, keep the containers and hanging baskets well watered

Harvest first early taters and salad crops

This summer

Right now your veggies ought to be thriving as well as your flowers and bushes alive with color. Have them this way with regular watering and weeding

Harvest the first beans, brassicas and green house tomato plants

Remove dead heads from blooms to inspire further flowering


Keep watering and weeding as necessary

Benefit from the primary harvest of the spring plants

Lift and dry let’s eat some onions and garlic clove

This is an excellent season to trim your hedges


Divide and replant your bigger flowering perennial plants

Aerate, repair and feed your lawn

Lift and store primary crop taters, squash and pumpkins

Plant spring-flowering lights


Remove dead foliage and rake up fallen leaves

If you don’t currently have one, buy or create a compost bin

Double dig vegetable beds and apply manure or any other organic fertilizer


Give all of your tools a great cleaning and oiling before storing for that winter

Plant out any new bushes and trees you need for the coming year

Provide your green house an intensive cleaning and replace the used compost

Purchase a water butt or two to gather rainwater because it runs off your garden shed and green house


Apply manure around fruit trees

Plant out new fruit shrubbery

Safeguard containers housing your valued perennials from frost with gardening fleece

Cover vegetable beds with gardening sheeting to suppress weeds and warm-up the earth for spring seed products planting.

An Easy Calendar For The Garden (8)
An Easy Calendar For The Garden (8)

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