Backyard Pool Bar Ideas

Have you running out of ideas for your backyard pool bar ideas? You bored of your tiki bar already? What about the swim up bar, tried that already? You have? Well, my condolences for you. Here is some of my idea to make your pool bar a bit more interesting. Pool bar was meant to replicate those feeling when you go to luxury hotel with the fancy pool. To be able to copying that feeling you may want to add this outside idea to your pool bar design.

Pool Bar Design

Your first backyard pool bar ideas is by building a recessed built in bar. With this configuration you can have an eye level conversation with those on the bar and those on seating position. These also create unusual seating configuration. A nice idea to try. The back bar will placed below the rest of the deck.

Other idea is to add a working sink on your bar. You know you can have a lot of thing to clean on the bar and bringing them to kitchen can be a hassle. You can either pay extra for the plumbing you need to get the water flow or buy a portable sink that can be attached to the nearest water hose. Good luck.

Adding a TV to your pool bar is an easy gateway solution for your lack of entertainment. For this backyard pool bar ideas, You can just bring a TV from your house, jack them with the satelite cable and there you have your channel. IF you have extra budget, there are weather resistant TV you can bring home.

If you have a bar pool with roof, you might want to add a ceiling fan. Luxury hotel pool bar have them so you should have one too. For this backyard pool bar ideas you can add climbing plant to create a more natural feeling. Fresh fragrance from the plant and the twirling wind from the ceiling fan, heavenly combination.

Pool Bar Design (2)
Pool Bar Design (2)

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