Balcony Decor in A Small Space

Having a small balcony does not mean you don’t have to abandon all hope to decorating it. In fact, there are several type of decorating style that is perfect for small decor. If you have a big decor, you should not waste a resourceful space like that by using it as a storage space. Aim big and use the balcony as an extension of your house interior. Now, in this article what kind of balcony decor you might encounter? Stay tuned.

Balcony Decor Ideas

The first thing to do is deciding the function of your deck. Dining, relaxing, reading, gardening. No matter how big your balcony is, it is better to have a focused function in mind. For a breakfast spot, spread a woven rug on the floor and for unusual experience throw a low rise table so you can sit on the floor while eating those tasty bacon.

For a garden balcony decor, you can use several type of pot for decoration. In fact there are types of pot that has decoration value so you might want to search for that. If you can’t then by a pot and then paint them yourself. If you have a big balcony, why not try a having a planting bed. This thing is not expensive and if you have a time, you can make it yourself.

The next idea for your balcony decor is making it into a reading room. My recommend for a unique reading sport it using a chest like the one you can find on those pirates movie to store your books. Of course, to compliment this you can add electric torch for atmosphere (you still need a proper lamp to read though). You can also turn your balcony into an instant sunbath spot if you live high enough.

Balcony Decor (4)
Balcony Decor (4)

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