Beach House Interior

Do you have a beach house? Well, I wish I have. In the past beach house is a temporary residence which was meant as relaxations place. The decoration are usually geared to create a simple and comforting place to live.

In beach house, usually we have a lot of windows and large door. There is no lack of light because of it. The overall theme of the house is usually very lighthearted with white dominating the tone. Let see what you can do to decorate your beach house.

Beach House Decor

For a start you can pick pale colored furniture for your beach house interior. Pale color make your beach house interior look larger, open and airy. If you don’t now what kind of pale color you need, look at you sandy beach and you will get it. Start with your wall and ceiling colored with white, moving on to your curtain and then you bed. You may add a bit of sea touches on small trinket like photo frame, vase or small mug.

For decoration of your beach house interior, you may add natural element as a style. You can simple walk out to the beach and collect sea shells and rocks or washed up wood plate. You can find these thing to decorate your house. You can also add a small aquarium to add the deep sea feels. Blue painting and surf board may be used for wall art.

Most beach houses that I know have large windows and door. Use them by opening them and use the panorama around as a part of the decoration. If you have neighbor, use bamboo curtain as a veil to protect your privacy. You can install long white drapes to create a windy feeling to the house. Have fun decorating your beach house.

Beach House Interior (5)
Beach House Interior (5)

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