Beautiful Balcony Decoration With Roses

Quintessential female flower, the rose is one of the most attractive, both for its stunning colors as its exquisite perfume flowers. The fragrances of roses come to be Lime themed, a linden, even with the smell of honey. It is very easy to see gardens and balcony decoration where even come to collect, light around them and devote spaces to them.

Associating aromatic roses and sets the perfect relationship, diversify the aromas and can stagger the blooms, on the other hand aromatic plants establish a very important agreement with the rosebushes, they are favorable for their strength and also makes it more resilient to disease. A little secret garden in a corner of our balcony decoration or terrace, bathed in soft aromas where we can relax and take advantage while the virtues of aromatic plants and of course, the roses.

Roses have several varieties, the most common is the Charles de Mills, is a kind of sumptuous crimson red rose and prolonged flowering to June. Its warm scent of ripe pink persists until the fall of the petals. Its force can be adapted to the most wastelands and heat as well as cold. They are very practical to dry the leaves. The variety called Henri Martin, is a mossy rose a light red color, with aromatic petals. It blooms in June.The Sourire d’Orchidée, is a white climbing rose tinged with a very strong scent of linden, and Sarah van Fleet is a rough rose flower very aromatic with a fresh pink which has several blooms per season.

The roses can be planted in all areas in autumn or late winter, in cold climates is advisable planting in the months of March or April.. At the end of winter roses podad must first cutting deadwood and then the longest outbreaks Hew for reasons of balance. Bring us two shovels of compost at his feet. In March or April, we need to undermine the weeds and then to put back a shovelful of compost. Advice if illness, spray some sulfur throughout the summer irrigation control and regularly cut the withered roses, autumn eschew intervene.

Small Balcony Decorating Ideas
Small Balcony Decorating Ideas

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