Beautiful Modern Kitchen Designs

You’re thinking about renovating your kitchen and want to stay on top of news and inspiration with pictures of modern kitchen designs? Then this post is for you, me track and know what are the new trends for modern kitchens, appliances, coatings and style kitchens 2015 / 2016. Come?

Within this minimalist style kitchen cabinets are similar to those of the room cabinets, with more discrete lines, often without handles, using pressure vent systems, or cavities for opening of cabinets that are hidden. These projects minimalist kitchens architects were using a variety of coating materials: stone countertops.

Usually with neutral color patterns by merging two or three patterns of color to give contrast or by using a single color, varying only the material used in the coatings. Every year the major brands of appliances, coatings, design come together at fairs and exhibitions to showcase their innovations and present what will be trend for years to come.

They are facing fairs, furniture fairs, including exclusive spaces for kitchens as Eurococcina held annually in Milan, Italy. Companies have to architects and interior designers the fruit of his research on new uses of modern kitchen designs and what the appropriate equipment to meet the new requirements.

In this latest edition of Eurococcina the main guidelines were: Sustainability, Technology, Ergonomics and Healthy Living and I’ll explain a little about each of these trends in kitchens and illustrate some market news.

Sustainability: Is the concern about environmental, social and economic issues in the production of furniture and home appliances for the kitchen, from production of raw material, transportation, assembly, storage, delivery, service life and disposal. Seeking to offer products that have low environmental impact, promote inclusion and social benefits, are economically viable and even products and compounds that do not harm human health.

Today, many planned kitchens already include spaces to plant herbs such as small vertical gardens, the houses of the projects returned to rescue the private garden, the urban projects in many cities of the world still have community urban gardens, ie, there is a strong global trend the production of organic food in cities, homes and also in modern kitchen designs.

Modern Kitchen Design
Modern Kitchen Design

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