Beautiful Travertine Bathroom Design

Discover the aristocratic beauty of natural stone with Tivoli ideas and practical information about the development of a private travertine bathroom. Travertine is also called “Tivoli stone”, making illusion to the beautiful small town close to Rome and was a place of extraction of this stone in the past. Today, Italy remains a major producer of travertine stone, one can find different versions and nuances of this kind of stone from several regions.

Travertine is a type of limestone beige, white or white with shades of gray, yellow and red. This is a material used for the construction for hundreds of years. At the time of the Roman Empire, they used this stone for raising became world famous buildings and still existing today, such as the famous Colosseum. From the beginning of the Christian period, is often used this stone to build churches.

As the room slate baths, travertine that is ideal for those who like the look of natural stone. Travertine is a popular material for its aesthetic qualities and is quite natural. Therefore, a bathroom in travertine suit those looking pretty respectable and environmental solutions. And thanks to its beige or whitish color, travertine stone is a beautiful solution for the development of a bright and welcoming bathroom.

Another reason we chose travertine bathroom is that it is a very easy stone maintain and clean: the water does not leave traces on its surface and it is the same for soaps and other products used most often for our bathroom. In recent years, travertine has become a very popular stone for the construction and decoration of bathrooms.

Many people are charmed by its aristocratic beauty and the richness of nuances of this natural stone, which makes us think of the Roman baths and Italian villas. Currently, this stone is used for flooring and bathroom walls, as well as for Italian showers and various decorative elements in the room.

If you have been researching the use of travertine bathroom and in particular, for the flooring in this room, you may have noticed that there is a discussion on The use of this stone. So what explains the opinion is shared and can we really use travertine for the installation of a bathroom safely?

According to experts, travertine bathroom may very well be used in a bathroom provided you follow a few simple rules and known by construction specialists and interior design. Indeed, travertine being a type of porous natural stone, it must be made and processed in a correct manner. What is it about ? To be exposed to water daily and for long life, travertine must be “sealed”. This kind of treatment will protect its surface and prevent water from entering the pores of the stone. It is also this process which will make the stone more resistant and easy to maintain.

Known for its beauty and prized since antiquity, travertine is a stone that can be used for the development of a bright and aristocratic bathroom. If you want to find more ideas on the travertine bathroom, you can inspire you to our selection of images below.

Travertine Tile Bathroom Ideas
Travertine Tile Bathroom Ideas

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