Beautiful Walkin Shower Design

The walkin shower is the centerpiece of a beautiful bathroom. But renovation and with a tight budget, its installation is a puzzle. So, a walkin shower design without breaking the bank, mission impossible? Certainly not for House side that takes on the challenge. Here is how to equip a shower “almost Italian” as comfortable and elegant as a real, spending little.

Instead of your old bathtub, you dream of a large walkin shower. The budget is tight and you need to put their hands in the dough. Receiver, walls, fixtures, walls good ideas here and some prices to renovate your bathroom and create your future shower.

A comfortable walkin shower and 100% available

We know the main advantage of the true Italian shower: it is on one level, at floor, the siphon and evacuations are buried in the recipient. When renovating, it is often impossible to dig the floor of the bathroom of 15 cm to place a walkin shower. It takes the contrary.

The first thing to do is remove your old bathtub and make an inventory. There, you have a little depth (for example by depositing a former tile)? If you manage to win 5 or 6 cm, it is enough to install a bung shower and slimline receiver without board. With a slimline receiver, thick 3 to 4 cm, the effect “Italian” is very convincing, the shower is comfortable and accessible to persons with reduced mobility

Enhancing part of the floor to install the walkin shower

If it proves impossible to disburse the ground, the good idea is to build a small platform. You will install your shower over, Floor flower, all technical parts being camouflaged underneath. Allow between 10 and 15 cm high for this work, as larger than the shower itself we recommend to conceive. Thus, the elevation becomes a visual element that structure space and not a technical fig leaf.

Remains to achieve this stage, using for example a cellular concrete structure covered with a building panel. You can also opt for a wooden structure, less expensive but much more sensitive to moisture.

It is more then a walkin shower design, but the visual result is perfect. We just need to be aware that walking in the bathroom is always a risk of falling and makes the piece unsuitable for people with reduced mobility.

How To Build A Walkin Shower
How To Build A Walkin Shower

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