Blue Bedroom Design Ideas

Blue is the color I liked the most. Each shade bear a different meaning for me. Blue can be playful, charming, calm and adult tones. It’s very fun to picking the accompanying colors for blue. I present you some of my blue bedroom design ideas, I’m glad if you can come out with your own idea.

Blue Bedroom Design

To create a matching match for other color than blue, you need a color that can integrate other colors. If you have a smaller room paint the wall with pale blue. If you want to paint it with dark blue be sure to balance it white to lighten the room. Use the white on drapes, bed linen or furniture colors. Don’t forget about the ceiling.

If you want the all blue room option. I suggest you to create a blue bedroom design ideas revolve around different shade of blue. Having one kind of blue is lame and stale. You have plenty variant to choose around: cerulean, azure, cobalt, navy, sky blue and so much more. You can mix them with pattern like: polka dots, stripes and tribal.

Having a wall art or mural on your blue bedroom design ideas is one way to make it more lively. There are plenty to go about it but for pictures, I will have you the trick shown in the above picture. In this picture you can see that a lot of framed picture are arranged into a heart shaped and it look good. The picture is in black and white and it provide the necessary contrast to make it more stand out.

Now another idea is using your own wall as a canvas for a painting. Because the canvas is large then try something bog on it. Among favorite thing to paint are sky, beach and night (I like portraying night as blue, damn those Batman comic done to me).

Blue Bathroom Design Ideas (1)
Blue Bathroom Design Ideas (1)

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