Blue Room Ideas

Blue Room Ideas – According to many research (Which I won’t bother to refer because I’m writing from my experience), Colors can affect both mind and body. Among the most used for room theme is blue. Why blue though? There are lot of color that can invoke the same soothing and calming effect. I guess this one can be trashed to the origin of that all living being originated from the sea.

Blue Room Paint Ideas

Maybe our genetic memory calling out to the sea. Not to mention before we were born we were living inside a womb filled with liquid. Anyway, check these blue room ideas. I hope you can find what you like.

Traditional blue room ideas usually consisted of white and blue color theme. This is a good idea and still used even now. The combination of white that makes your room appear larger and blue that makes a soothing atmosphere is unbeatable. The room feel airy and light this way. You can use white on the floor and the ceiling to make the room expand. Add a variation of blue shade using small items like stone, toys or small decorative box.

The modern blue room ideas involve a combination of blue using modern streak. To start you can use unusual shade of blue as a main color of the room. For a variation, you can use an accent wall with light blue and the rest, including ceiling with dark shade of blue. Straight line furniture, simple color combination (no pattern, no trim). Blue bean bag chair or blue ottoman bed can be your choice of the room’s furniture.

A natural blue room ideas means that you must invoke the feeling of nature in the room. You can use a mountain theme where you combine the blue with the colors of green and wood element. For this kind of room, wooden flooring is a must. Second you can invoke the sea theme room. This room is simple with Deep blue on all side, sea ornament, and earthy tone for furniture. Using white to create a beach home feels is goods as well.

Blue Room Ideas Couples
Blue Room Ideas Couples

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