Choose The Best Concrete Kitchen Countertops

The best concrete kitchen countertops – Concrete is a material that is no longer used only for the construction of walls and hiding in the modern means even more by plaster or paint. Concrete is now a decorative material that ensures a hip and calming atmosphere and is a great accent. For more and more things, this material is used.

So also in the kitchen. We provide today some modern designs for the concrete countertop in the kitchen in front of which adds the finishing touches of contemporary cuisine. Whether in combination with concrete walls or as individual accent the effect is indescribably chic!

This attractive kitchen is located in Perth in Australia and has been designed by the company Urban Projects. The kitchen island with concrete kitchen countertops in the kitchen is combined both with white, as well as with dark kitchen cabinets. It forms the center of the room.

A kitchen island is very popular as well in the modern decor. If this also combined with a concrete kitchen countertops, a modern and striking design is guaranteed. In concrete simultaneously is also a sink place while under the disk storage space in the form of cabinets is available. The design comes from Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architetti.

A concrete kitchen countertops can also be found here. There are also many other modern elements, such as plain, white surfaces, an attractive patchwork design for the tile mirror, and a dark wood floor. Each of these elements forms a striking Aktent for themselves.

Again, you see again a great model with concrete kitchen countertops and interesting form. Since concrete is poured, such can be designed easily. The kitchen island by KC Design Studio is rounded on one side and seems to float in the air. This means it can be perfectly combined with stools or -hockern. Furthermore, there is a kitchen island from two levels.

To combine the modern and Japanese-style? No problem! An example of how you can do that, you will see here. Wood surfaces in bar optics is combined with a kitchen island with concrete kitchen countertops. In addition, the team of Kimura Matsumoto Architects chose a light color. The kitchen is located in Japan. If you wanna see more about japanese design you can search in this other article.

Concrete Kitchen Countertops Cost
Concrete Kitchen Countertops Cost

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