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There are several pros and cons when it comes to an open design of the kitchen goes, but if this is a fact and still want now and a closed area, has a kitchen sliding door and living room, the optimal solution. Then no one has for one or the other to decide and get everything under one roof.

If it receives guests and spend hours a three-course meal prepared, it is always practical to simply close the kitchen door and to repress the proliferation of all odors throughout the living room. On the other hand invites the open Küchengestaltum a lively evening with family and friends, as you can while cooking or kitchen work remotely talk to them.

Modern alternative to traditional wooden sliding this glass. The clear glass is completely transparent and does not prevent the natural light flow between rooms. This material has several advantages and would be good choice in every living situation, even if this is not very modern.

Glazed with clear glass is an excellent variant which is similar to the traditional wooden windows. The kitchen sliding door consists of several glass panels, which are arranged vertically or horizontally. There is an option for another arrangement, but it is a matter of taste, whether the kitchen sliding door rather withhold pure expedient or used as a decorative element in the interior.

Smoked glass gives elegance in every respect. Decorative objects or glazed with smoked glass stands well on more varied metallic appearance and fits perfectly to the wood. Through smoked glass kitchen sliding door of the room is separated without the transparency of clear glasses to be lacking. At the same time gives the tinted glass clear structure and provides a visual boundary between the kitchen and the living room.

Interior designers recommend relationships between the design elements in the interior give to. If you decide on a design element, a similar structure or color in the rest of the room should be present. Rauchglas communicates very well with gray, black and neutral colors. The rectangular proportion of glazing is related to the black coffee table with intricate geometric frame.

When looking for the right kitchen sliding door between the kitchen and living room, you should be guided by the furniture in these areas. Try to connect the structure, arrangement and accents in the kitchen and in the living room and interpret design in a room divider. Traditional sliding doors are made as a room divider from glazing beads. The sliding doors Scion combine modern living with traditional doors design.

Kitchen Sliding Door
Kitchen Sliding Door

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