Choose The Best Living Room Lighting

Living room lighting is constantly changing. Not only from incandescent to LED lamp, but also from manual control to digital control. Philips Hue until you get the color, intensity and duration of your enlightenment with one swipe of your smartphone or tablet. You can set your lighting even as a warning when you receive an e-mail. The lighting of the future? You already have in place right now.

Mood living room lighting

When you come home from a long day at work, you do need to relax. A little reading, watching TV or catch up with your family: for each activity Hue offers the appropriate lighting. A soft, romantic glow in the living room lighting to read a book? With Hue adjust your living room lighting is literally a snap, because you can use these smart lighting solution operated via your mobile device.

How does the smart living room lighting?

Philips Hue is very simple. LED bulbs fit into your existing fittings, so you screw them just in. Then you switch the enclosed bridge and wait for you to burn the three lights. Set the bridge? Then download the Hue app and connect your smart lamps with your smartphone or tablet. Now you’re ready to discover the wealth of light scenes, colors and settings of Hue.

The big advantage of living room lighting is that you can operate remotely. Going on vacation and would not you rather burglars get to visit? Let it seem like your house is occupied by switching the lights during the day and let out again in the evening to go.

The Hue app will not only set the right atmosphere, you can also light as warning light use. Let enter the light when you receive an e-mail, for example. Or to remind you of an appointment. Moreover, you can choose from numerous light scenes and colors: for every activity and every mood the right scene. Living room lighting is indeed changed: that much is clear.

Living Room Lighting Ideas
Living Room Lighting Ideas

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