Choosing Balcony Vegetable Garden

Choosing balcony vegetable garden – Townspeople are taken are taken more than ever passion for gardening! Tomato and basil, arugula, zucchini and radishes any space hosts a variety of vegetables. Provided, of course, to plant them at the right time.

For absolute stars of the balcony vegetable garden, peppers, zucchini, eggplant, cherry tomatoes and red peppers, it is unfortunately too late we’ll talk about next spring, promise! If you still want to continue to garden in late summer, herbs and plants that are found everywhere even embellish your balconies. And if you prefer your own seedlings you can plant different kinds of salads and cabbage in August and September for personal use, as well as catnip for your purring companions.

Often referred to as its Italian name “rucola” nobody wanted until the Italians popularized under that name. The rocket does not require much space, any container from three liters suits him. Seeds should be just covered with a little soil, but it is still damp to maintain that the rocket develops horizontal roots. Please no fertilizer the plant stores the nitrates.

The first sheet can already be picked after three to six weeks, always sure to cut the outer leaves first. Keep the heart, for the plant to develop new shoots. Beware of bitterness because of mustard oil they contain, the leaves of more than 10 cm long can have a very pungent taste. Grass Cats : If you want to do good to twink, plant of catnip. It’s very easy, just a small pot and some soil.

The catnip can be sown anytime, and even inside. Fill the earthen pot ¾ of its height, spread the seeds, cover them with approx. 1 cm of soil, water thoroughly, place the pot on a window ledge and wait for germination your cat will thank you. Lettuce mow / leaf lettuce in august and september, you can sow lettuce to mow or cutting or planting seedlings in the garden. Salads do not require much space pots from three liters suffice and also delight on a windowsill.

Press the seeds into the earth, always keep it moist and can be enjoyed raw salads after 4 to 6 weeks. Pick the large leaves (over 5 cm) from the outside, but leave the small inner leaves and the central rod in place for new shoots. The pleasure of a good fresh salad at any time is really a breeze!

Radishes are really the ally of home gardener, because they grow quickly and require no treatment. You can collect juicy radish after four weeks but do not expect too much: subsequently, they take a pasty consistency or develop protruding ribs.

For create balcony vegetable garden more diversity in the pots, we advise you to buy a bag Rainbow Radishes containing red radish seeds, purples and whites. In this way, the end result will always be a surprise. Radishes are content with very little space and willingly share their pot with other plants sunflowers and radishes for example.


How To Grow Vegetables On A Balcony
How To Grow Vegetables On A Balcony

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