Choosing Glass Dining Room Table

Wooden tables remain the main protagonists in most cafeterias . Casan with many decorative styles and that makes them as requested. However, no want to give a touch of class to your home, you should consider the possibility of acquiring a glass dining room table. A good table presiding the room of the house where we usually meet for lunch and dinner with family or friends.

Glass Dining Room Table Ideas

There are a variety of models available, from those made ​​by IKEA at very attractive prices to the selling companies that sell luxury furnishings. The collection that I bring you today is between those two seas. There is a bit of everything so you can decant the option that suits you in terms of budget and needs you have.

It’s a lot cheaper than it sells Kibuc table. Its four legs are made ​​of chromed steel and glass is tempered, it has a thickness of about 12 millimeters. You can order the color black and receive now because they have in stock. If you want the color white will have to wait until late October. They are the only two colors to choose from. Do your size? 150 centimeters long, 90 centimeters wide and 75 centimeters high. For more information I recommend visiting purchase.

The third of this small glass dining room table list is good company. Around she has four white chairs with a very modern design with horizontal stripes. The legs are metallic and are painted the same color.

You will find it in the catalog of Kibuc and as you can see in the picture is quite simple. Its lines are simple and straight, and best of all is that being extensible accommodates up to eight guests. The structure is steel painted in anthracite and tempered glass is white. I hope this article can inspiring you to choose glass dining room table.

Glass Top Dining Room Tables
Glass Top Dining Room Tables

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