Choosing Living Room Lamps

Living room lamps ideas – By the nineteenth century, the lighting came from fires, both by fireplaces, as the candles Only in 1783, the Swiss Pierre Argand, developed dual lamp current of air. A big step and advance in the lighting world, because from there triggered its development until the present day, that despite the great progress and possibilities in the market. There is on the part of scientists improvements and other advances that not remind us.

If today seems so banal light a switch to turn on a lamp or a light bulb More than 300 years seemed impossible. Have you ever thought what had become of us without lighting ?! Right now our lives are based on this source of energy and for ALL in our day to day! Now that there is artificial light, the concern of manufacturers focuses on the development of extravagant pieces, sumptuous and beautiful, with a fabulous structure that can radiate this light, we talk about it no more and no less than lamps.

There are so many shapes, so many models, so many styles, so many motives, that with this maximum offer may get confused and unaware of where and why should use one lamp and not another. So in order to explain it a little lamps on this adventure, I share with you in this article nine tips that will illuminate! Want to see? Just follow the light!

The big question concerns the choice living room lamps? How often choose it? It gives importance to this object not only decorative as useful? Did you know that it is a striking element in your living room? As such can not be selected at random, should be under some care and do a small study of the market. So let the tips:

– When choosing the lamp always make the association’s decorating style, ie whether it is modern, look for lamps with straight and simple lines, if classic, maybe a chandelier or something sophisticated, if country, see a lamp with wood and worked and so on.

– Do not forget that the lamp will be an integral part of the decoration, just keep in mind the colors of your living room. Always harmonious everything is more beautiful!

– The size is a decision that can not be in vain. Consider the size of your living room, if small, do not choose too big. Otherwise, always look for a higher ceiling lamp, besides giving more light fills the space air. Is top!

– The material is another point that should not be forgotten when choosing your luminaire. Usually this is associated with the style. Do not forget that the material used will make a difference in the propagation of light.

– Finally, we recommend that you pay attention to the lighting of it, always taking into account whether it is direct or indirect (we will find throughout the article). A good lighting will make a difference and creates a pleasant and cozy atmosphere at home without too much eye strain.

We like to surprise with irreverent, daring models created by we Showing you how you can have a living room lamps design by you. We can be the artists of our own decorations or furniture, just to give themselves a little. Not only make financial savings and will ensure a single work. This ceiling lamp was all covered with wooden clothes pegs, if they find this book of ideas – of creatinine Studio Re will see how beautiful is illuminated. An idea to bet.

By the way, I know the importance of the ceiling living room lamps? Well, it is a key element stands out in decoration, falls gently through the air space, radiate light throughout the area and attracts our sight, to be a flashy, attractive and beautiful element.

Living Room Lamps
Living Room Lamps

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