Choosing Modern Bathroom Furniture

Today we have prepared forty nine fabulous designs of modern bathroom furniture rustic style. Crude and natural accent that often represented by wood and stone is a really cool as intimate as is the bathroom space, find out for yourself touring these images.

How To Choose Modern Bathroom Furniture

The bathroom is one of the first rooms that we visited in the morning , the place where one prepares for the day . It is also one of the last rooms that you visit at night to relax and prepare for rest . It is the place intended for personal care and hygiene . Given the shape and the atmosphere of a bathroom, can consider adding some rustic furniture accents using this style, we guarantee that the result will be great.

Rustic modern bathroom furniture usually coincide in some details. The vessels of stone basins or similar finish are very modern, and even more if they are subject to a wooden cabinet with doors and traditional metal handles. The tubs are also very characteristic of a rustic look, vintage boat-shaped lines is the trend.

The original sink that can see above is called Ovum , it is a design belonging to the Gravelli firm that has been created by designer Thomas Vacek. The vessel sink in this case is concrete, which gives a very modern feel but without removing the rustic since it is combined with a wooden countertop.

Another signature product Gravelli and created by the same designer is this great basin called Single Box. Being of rectangular shape, this particular basin shows a tough-looking than the previous model, is an ideal design if you want to create a modernized country atmosphere in his bathroom , it is an element that will not go unnoticed.

Some smaller furniture or decorative objects can complete your rustic bathroom design. No need to overload the environment with cachibaches, just add some accents handmade look natural and also functional.

The options to give a rustic touch to your bathroom are varied, sometimes just add some wooden bathroom accessories or otherwise may choose to cover the entire floor and walls, in any case can not miss other images from our gallery for in them you will find more original ideas and designs of rustic modern bathroom furniture soon.

Bathroom Furniture Modern
Bathroom Furniture Modern

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