Choosing Modern Gray Floor Tiles

You are probably aware that the gray is a trendy color that has to his credit more and more people. Gray floor tiles as flooring or wall cladding is the perfect choice for those who wish to enhance their contemporary interior and create a chic and elegant decor.

Long sidelined deco trends, pastel gray asserts, today more than ever as one of the finest nuances of the color range. Let your living spaces absorb light gray tiles to bring in a distinguished atmosphere decor that will completely change the look of your home, we invite you to discover, through the gallery below, the spectacular metamorphosis of 13 contemporary interiors revealing the splendor of the gray floor tiles!

The gray floor tiles can truly enhance your modern living room and create a particular style decor that will give character to the space, bringing brightness and an incredible charm to your interior decor. Learn to use the light gray tile 13 stunning images.

If you want to create a soft contrast with your dark wood furnishings, advises you to bet on the gray tile large format, in addition to enhance the interior decoration, will bring out the piece of furniture. To improve the soil, you can also opt for a carpet taupe or light gray as the picture above.

You want to create a comfortable living and modern? So, regarding the flooring, decorators prefer gray floor tiles, because it allows the combination of flamboyant colors to dark shades without weighing or tighten the living space. black leather furniture in combination with light gray tiles, bring a touch of exquisite modernity to your interior decoration.

A classic baroque decor! Yes, for several centuries, the gray tiles magnifies Baroque interior to give it the glamorous and highly sought pace that continues to make us dream. Recreate a majestic backdrop with light gray tile ornamental motifs inspired by the baroque period.

The gray floor tiles is a chameleon who knows metamorphoses of all kinds solid wood parquet or imitation antique marble! It goes perfectly well with a low sofa in beige fabric or sofa upholstered in white leather Chesterfield, for example.

Looking for originality? In this one, pay attention to the picture above will give you some ideas to furnish your living room. The owners of this apartment in Paris has decided to bet on a Tiled snow taupe gray and white. The exotic touch of fantasy surprises us the hexagonal tiles that alternate between pure white and light gray.

If you want to have fun in the kitchen, you can create a simple and elegant interior, while brightening the mood with some colorful accents. Use a wall painting in the pastel range and combine it with gray floor tiles to let the scenery breathe. A chair in anthracite leather, combined with the solid wooden furniture, would create an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness inviting to sit around the table to enjoy a meal with your family!

In the modern bathroom, we often like to mix several tiles. So you can join in the pond, the light gray tiles without neglecting the charcoal gray tiles. To embellish the decor, also use tiles in various patterns, inspired by nature, as the example above. This beautiful blend will help strengthen the clean and calming spirit of the piece. If you want to make more bright bathroom, adopt internal pastel tones. What better than to cover the walls and floor of the gray tiles that create a zen and airy decor.

Gray Slate Tiles
Gray Slate Tiles

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