Choosing The Best Bathroom Tiles Designs

A very important decision is the choice of bathroom tiles designs. Colored? Neutral? Of stone? Squares? Rectangular? On the wall only, or on the floor as well? There are a thousand and one questions to which we must respond. It is necessary to understand what the ideal tiles for your bathroom.

A small bathroom should not have the same tiles that a large bathroom and a bathroom with natural light also did not have the same tile a bathroom without windows. These are just two examples so you can see that the decision of the bathroom tiles designs to be applied in your bathroom should be something thought and we should not choose just because “are cute.” Obviously this is a factor to be taken into account but should not and can not be the only one. That’s even if you talk in this article.

Let us expose you a catalog of six fantastic bathrooms decorated with six kinds of fantastic bathroom tile designs, with which you will be fascinated. Read on, and whether you believe it or not, you will make a big change in your bathroom, which until now did not care!

First, it is necessary to choose the color of your bathroom tiles designs. You want something colorful or neutral? It is this question that must be answered. colored tiles can be applied in both small and large bathrooms. However, if you choose black or white tiles, you must realize that black or dark tiles only result in large bathrooms, so if your bathroom is small, should choose white or clear tiles.

In the picture we can see a project of a very large bathroom in the dark tiles result in perfection. This dark side of the bathroom is balanced with white sink and tub as well as the natural light that enters through the window, making it a very bright room, although with walls and dark floor.

If you want to create a continuity effect on bathroom tile designs, almost as if the walls were covered with wallpaper or painted with ink, opt for very small joints and tiles whose surface is quite large. When looking at the photograph, the tiles seem to be quite solid. Not only the small joints give them continuity, as well as the fact that passing from the wall to the floor and floor cupboards and counters and to the fact that a very large mirror, which reflects the enormous wall tiles as well.


Bathroom Tile Designs
Bathroom Tile Designs

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