Choosing Wooden Garden Fence

As I said earlier occasions and a garden reveals its true potential when it shows a variety of plants, flowers, shrubs, and with well defined different visual spaces, alleys, curbs or fences. Green area gets so much stronger emphasis becomes a space for relaxing and more addictive, deborand energy. Because I already talked walkways and curbs, let’s take a brief look below at a few models wooden garden fence, easy to build, but with a strong effect.

A white picket fence through which slips discreetly rich flowers and green branches. It can be built in different models, all sharing the same effect full of elegance, with a touch of personality that will freshen garden. Several different models in the pictures below.

And if we talked Treated wood in various colors, then see how looks and a varnished wooden garden fence. Keep a neutral presence in the sea of ​​greenery, landscape and visual layering marking the transition from living in the area dominated by nature.

Do not hesitate to choose the simplicity that behind a rough wooden plank fence sits a rustic full of charm, difficult to reach by other construction ideas. This option folds perfectly bushy gardens, where old wooden flower is lost among the bushes.

If you want all simple things, but original, then opt for a wicker fence, weaving around poles support, as seen in the image below. You define small islands such freshness in your garden, easily observed and admired. The same idea in the middle, but with branches this time. Going on the thread of inspiration, a thick wooden garden fence stuck in the ground and placed in ascending order of size is an original idea that you can not hit in any garden.

Finally, an overview of the gardens in the fence, pergola at the entrance and alleyways are a whole color pebble full of beauty and elegance.

Garden Wooden Fence Panels
Garden Wooden Fence Panels

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