It’s a Classic Black Rug Ideas for Your Living Room

Black is quite a contemporary color for interiors especially when used in a monochromatic color scheme. But it does not always have to be used in that way. When it comes to flooring if you are talking about a plain black rug ideas then yes, it would generally by used in a modern color scheme. Imagine a black shaggy wool rug at the center of a cream seating area placed on top of ivory tiles. Or a black and white rug providing the impact in a plain room.

Black, however, has been used for centuries in carpeting and you can see this reflected in classic rugs from China and other kinds of ethnic rugs. Chinese rugs with a black background look wonderful in a classic and formal interior and provide a fantastic finishing touch to good quality mahogany furniture and classic upholstery.

Black is found in a lot of Japanese style interiors too and you will often find rugs and bedding with black designs (for example, Japanese writing, oriental figures or blossom trees). These go well with the black furniture that is so popular in oriental style rooms along with screens with a black frame made up of opaque rice paper and tall orchids providing floral decoration.

If you are not sure about using black for your rug then it probably is not for you and another color would suit you better. If black is right then you will know it is right because you have other elements in the room that coordinate with your rug. For example, in the classic style room with the Chinese rug in black you would probably have cushions also with a black background or a black Chinese vase, something which would tie your color scheme together. As with all things interior, it is better not to buy a black rug just because you like it. Each element should be part of a whole. I hope you enjoy reading this article about black rug ideas for living room, see you in the next article.

Black And White Striped Rug Decorating Ideas For Living Room
Black And White Striped Rug Decorating Ideas For Living Room

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