Contemporary Modern Facade Ideas

Today we present the second part of our article on the modern facade . We will see thirty-eight great designs of the facades of most contemporary buildings and appreciate what elements make them unique and special, we hope you enjoy the course.

Contemporary Modern Facade

Let’s start discussing a truly innovative and bold design. Architects Moomoo signature impresses with this fabulous building facade with colored plastic blue sea. The smooth finish of the exterior is something never seen so far. Perhaps we stand before the true homes of the future.

Materials and outside buildings should not only be functional, they must now also adorn creating shapes and figures. The building design you see above shows a facade of wood and concrete. The original is part of the timber is made ​​of vertical strips while the cement area has horizontal bands.

Often we find modern facade lined with bars or elements. The building pictured above is a signature design one 2 Studio 9 . In this case the facade has a nice combination of wooden slats and sides with glass glazing. This is a building that fits perfectly in a natural environment.

As you can see in the pictures contemporary architecture has prompted many changes also in the outside of buildings, and our conception of the beauty of the buildings has also been transformed. These are some of the designs of modern facade that we have drawn attention, but there are still many designs seen in our gallery.

Now we leave them so they can learn more contemporary designs and modern buildings around the world and remember, if they want to know more news in architecture and interior stop and visit our blog, we expect them.

Modern Home Facades
Modern Home Facades

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