Corner Dining Room Design Ideas

To arrange a corner dining room, nothing better than a little inventiveness. Whether through original furniture or clever layout, the kitchens of 8 users will make you want to sit down to eat!

Ideas for Corner Dining Room

It is not always easy to arrange a dining area in a small kitchen. But do not despair, these 8 design and functional kitchens will prove that with a few simple ideas, meals in the kitchen will be synonymous of fun!

One advantage in the fact to construct a dining area in the kitchen is that it instantly turns into a friendly or family space. By arranging the equipment of the kitchen at the ends of the room, the architect Melanie Lallemand Flucher interior done in the corner dining room table the centerpiece of the kitchen. The decor of the room is itself very sober with its drawers that remind this house of Saint-Ouen is a former workshop of wood. We also liked the mural full color with Mondrian painting tunes.

Even in a small kitchen, it is possible to arrange a dining area. This is the case in this kitchen where Parisian interior designer Emmanuelle Cohendet chose a round table to accommodate a dining without occupy the entire surface of the part. Regarding the decoration of the latter, the mixture of modern design and traditional spirit own Parisian apartment is particularly successful. We also retain the idea of ​​transforming an old chimney shelves for dishes

In this apartment near the Buttes Chaumont in Paris, the owners have retained only the walls of the old housing to redistribute the space as they wish. They have thus made the choice to arrange the kitchen the entire length of the wall to enjoy the floor area and introduce a dining area just before the show. In terms of decoration, interior designer Blandine Alric Cherfan favored sobriety with a clean, bright kitchen, like the discreet lighting.

Even when we do not have a large kitchen, it is possible to accommodate a dining area. In this Lyonnaise cuisine, the interior designer Marion Lanoë has extended the island in the kitchen dining room table mineral to make the centerpiece of the room and optimize space. Another good idea: sober and refined decoration that can bring light into the kitchen.

To arrange a dining area, the choice of a small compact kitchen is one of the best solutions. The small size of the kitchen and its installation in a recess of the room here allows to arrange a spacious dining area. For this Parisian apartment, the interior designer Xavier Lemoine has decided to focus on a crude design with walls apparentas stones and beamed ceiling. The chairs and the lamp is in turn a nice design touch to a dining trendy.

When the walls of a kitchen are singular, as much to show imagination and choose an original table! In this 42 m2 apartment in Boulogne-Billancourt, architect Emilie Bongard has installed a table with specific shapes to fit the layout of the kitchen and install a corner dining room. Decoration, modern design is required with these trendy chairs and decorative luminaire. Finally, the windows that face the street used to provide natural light, welcome in the room.

Corner Cabinet Dining Room
Corner Cabinet Dining Room

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