Cozy Decorating Small Bedrooms

Hello friends! What a long time we did not talk about the interior of a small apartment in the overall decorating small bedrooms in particular and this is an urgent question for many readers. I have devoted a small bedroom separate article, but today I want to continue this theme and share a few more effective methods for registration of small bedrooms.

Dark walls in a decorating small bedrooms

The dark color of the walls – in fact a very effective, but underestimated the reception. Usually people are afraid to use rich colors in principle, and only for small bedrooms and they are all unacceptable. And in vain! In a dark room masked corners and boundaries of the room seemed to dissolve, and you are creating a wonderfully cozy and intimate atmosphere, and what else is needed in the bedroom?

Contrast Wall

If, however, you do not dare to paint the walls a dark color, you can always choose one wall that will contrast. Dark front wall a great way to make a larger long, narrow room. Contrast wall brings in bedroom interior dynamics and depth. As a contrast can also serve as a bright and colorful wallpaper prints. Use them for bed, to enliven the interior.

Mural for the decorating small bedrooms

Stylish and unusual wallpapers excellent reception we have repeatedly discussed. Choose an image for your bedroom soothing forest, the mountains or the dynamic metropolis, and a room will be visually more spacious. As with previous methods, the use of large image in a decorating small bedrooms to divert attention from the area of ​​the premises. Hang at the head of a large, but rather a very large picture or poster, and this will be the main focal center of the room.


Decorating small bedrooms includes mandatory use of mirrors. Whether the cabinet doors, detached large mirror, the composition of the mirrors on the wall, or is such a decoration wall behind the bed mirrored panels. Lighting, both natural and artificial, it is very important for small rooms.

In a small bedroom, be sure to plan a variety of sources of light: general lighting, decorative light from the night-light and floor lamp, working light from a table lamp. Highlight niches and shelves, to create a whimsical play of reflections, and the interior small bedroom will seem flat and lifeless.

Position in a narrow bed decorating small bedrooms

Very often we get questions from readers and customers, how to arrange a bed in a long narrow bedroom. For some reason, a priori, it is believed that the bed should be backed to the wall, and no one is considering the location of the bed by the window. In fact, this is a good trick to save a lot of space, and to wake up in the morning in bed, sun-drenched.

Another common myth a canopy bed just for a spacious bedroom. Even if you have a very small bedroom, you can put your legs under the bed with a canopy. And let it will take half of the room visually. Does it really matter how it will look the other items in the bedroom, if the middle of the room would be such a luxurious bed?

Decorating Small Bedroom
Decorating Small Bedroom

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