Cozy Modern Sofa Set Chester

Today we present to you the modern sofa set, a type of sofa that has a certain elegant and sophisticated. The origin comes from a desire of the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, who asked a renowned cabinetmaker making a comfortable sofa for social clubs of knights of the time.

Cozy Modern Sofa Set

The characteristic of modern sofa set Chester is the support medium height and trim design with rows of buttons that later would adopt the name of quilted. This English earl named Philip Dormer Stanhope wanted a seat to force the straight and keep your back straight, so the backs of these sofas are at the same height as the armrest.

Today the modern sofa set remain a symbol of refined taste. We modernized find models but show an unmistakable noble character. The model couch was made ​​of the original skin, but later began designing pieces of different colors and materials.

Super Chester sofa that can see above is an original signature design Dutchbone . Its upholstery is made ​​of cotton and its capacity is three people at most, this makes it ideal for any decor, even in the tightest spaces furniture.

The modern sofa set are really beautiful and bring to the classroom a very sophisticated look. Sofa design shown above has faux fur trim ivory and support structures of plywood . In the armrests are also two little decorative touches in the shape of the rudder of a ship appreciate, this is a great couch.

Then we let images through the remainder of our selection, you will find them more models of sofas Chester that will surely please you. Enjoy the journey and keep visiting our website, we hope them.

Modern White Leather Sofa
Modern White Leather Sofa

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