Crafting Your Own Country Style Decorations

Crafting your own country style decorations  – Of course, you probably think of using country style home decor in your actual decorating. However, these leftover bits and pieces can also be used to make your own decorative accessories, or even start your own crafting business. It’s just a matter of really organizing your craft closet so that everything really relates to each other.

This way you won’t have to go out shopping and buy new things whenever you start a new project. Instead, you can just pull out different items that will still relate to each other to really accomplish the task at hand like sprucing up a bathroom countertop.

You may want to start a button jar. This has a lot of uses in scrapbooking, sewing, jewelry making and also any other craft that you can think of. Whenever you get a spare, button with your clothes just place it in the jar. Then after an appropriate amount of time if you don’t need the button anymore then just use it in your craft projects.

One thing that you’ll want to keep handy is raffia. This is a material that you can use for a variety of reasons. You could make bows on cards, use it as straw for Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations, or just use it to give a country look to a glass vase.

Another staple of this kind of craft design is going to be or calendars. Decoupage is very common in this kind of country style decorations. This is a combination of paper and glue and saves you a lot of trouble of doing artwork yourself. However, you can find a lot of beautiful calendars or just save the ones that you already have. This can give you a wider variety of options even if you just cut out a few of your favorite embellishments from each page. You might want to shop after the year because you can find these items on clearance. Since you don’t need the calendar part and you’re just going for the pictures it really doesn’t matter.

Country Style Decor
Country Style Decor

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