Creating Storage Space Under Roof

There are times when we look at our attic and think, What can we do, How to take advantage of this space? Believe me, if you still have doubts, that the professionals homify think at all. Storage space under roof, it is a world of ideas. It is, in most cases, those details walking delaying for months or years.

A storage space under roof is the ideal solution for storing books, making a cabinet as. It may also be the corner of your dreams, the reading nook and corner of meeting friends and family. Turn the space of your home often closed without any use. Follow us over the next six images. And in the end add in place of comments, your ideas. Certainly will enrich this article dedicated to storage space under roof

In a house, the storage spaces are never enough. Is not true? If the attic of his house is voted abandonment, remember that you can give it life and make it a storage space par excellence. Plus another room that can create, remember to add cabinets to the height of the tile. Make sure you plan each space to detail, as is the get your hands dirty. The cabinets up to the tile, so to speak from the ceiling, let you fill all spaces. Given this option, also more corners to fill.

Give life to your attic. It can be an interesting space to create more area for your home. Regardless if you live in town or country, and has a beautiful view, do not miss the chance to convert this space. Beautify it through sofas and pieces of furniture, not forgetting cabinets. Your kids will love a space to play and littering. You will also love to have an area where to get those old toys or decorative objects for now tell you nothing and sit drinking a nice cup of tea. It may also be the place where you will want to hold birthday parties.

Delivered to your confidence architect customizing your attic. Search the pages of homify, share your ideas with friends and family and then go to your dream attic. Macedo Borges developed this magnificent villa recovery project in the Economic Restelo district. In addition to the presence of light, stand out the floor and wooden walls. You can also wonder if the custom cabinets, accompanying the triangular roof shape because any housing and the storage spaces are never more.

A little gift so good to see. Who does not think this living room to eat that book that marks our lives. That book more than once jumps from shelf to delight and teach us beautiful lessons. We all have a book that accompanies us. If read in a space like this, even more charm has the words. The shelves custom for these beautiful cabinets, wear the wall. The light, whether natural or artificial, give even more character to this space. Serve the book shelf. Now, sit down. Read and travel through worlds or stories. Or, learn.

Under The Roof Of Blue Ionian Weather
Under The Roof Of Blue Ionian Weather

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