Customized to Suit Your Tastes: Bathroom Vanity Sinks

An online search for information on bathroom vanity sinks underscores the many variations on the simple sink-over-bench model. Both the Cartwright Custom Bath Collection and the Hutton Collection offer at three types of vanity sinks.

They have those with an extra wide single vanity base, along with an extra wide single sink. They offer pieces with just one sink and one properly sized base. The published literature on those collections also mentions their double vanity base, which is designed to hold two sinks.

Once an online shopper has chosen the Collection from which he or she wants to order a bench and sink, then that Internet hooked consumer must select the style and color that would best suit the home’s lavatory, the lavatory that is going to be enhanced by the beauty of a new bench and sink combination. Some vanity benches have only a few tiny drawers, but plenty of doors. Other benches have a generous number of roomy drawers plus a couple doors, doors that open to reveal useful cabinet space.

The Cartwright Collection includes one piece that does not have a singe drawer. The Hutton Collection has one piece that lacks any doors. It has six drawers, which form the roof of a long shelf, a shelf that can be used to hold folded towels.

The birch benches found in both collections come in two different colors–dark espresso and white. The nature of the top for each bench is determined by the homeowner that orders any one these beautiful bathroom vanity sinks. That homeowner gets to select the type of marble that will be used on the bench’s top. It could be a Crema marble or a Carrara marble.

All of the stone tops are hand finished. All are double sealed, so that they remain firmly affixed to the bench. All of the marble tops have been pre-drilled, so that they can be used with an 8 inch widespread faucet set. Most importantly, every one of the stone tops comes with some type of back piece, a piece that helps to guard the wall against the damaging effect of multiple splashes.

Homeowners that prefer to have a bench without a marble top can indicate a preference for that option. In addition they enjoy the chance to order a medicine cabinet, a cabinet that matches the style of the chosen vanity sink. Whatever the selection indicated by any order, it is certain to add a touch of elegance to any lavatory in the building to which that same order gets delivered.

Wooden Single Sink Vanity
Wooden Single Sink Vanity

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