Decorated With Balinese Bed

Sure you are enjoying a wonderful summer, your terrace, your garden or your pool. So we want to give you new ideas for decor with Balinese bed, an accessory if you want to create a chill corner out not miss on the outside of your house. Put some candles, some soft music. And enjoy this so perfect temperature while reading your favorite book or just leave it alone for a while your mind that you give away for you.

Balinese bed in hotels

Often you find yourself with Balinese beds in spectacular Caribbean hotels or resorts of any island. But why not have your own at home? No need to spend large sums of money, in fact, then I’ll tell you how to do it with your own hands. Certainly worth a try to spend unforgettable summer nights.

Balinese beds are placed on a structure that few centimeters from the ground rises so that moisture does not affect the wood, but do not forget that being outdoors are materials that resist the weather. If you do not want to put you can also choose wood frame synthetic rattan, for example.

Another feature is the canopy, which is usually fine white cloth to allow light but keep happening to be protected from the sun. Its design is clearly inspired by oriental decoration of Bali and has crossed all boundaries and also reminds Ibiza environments. If you place canopy, curtains, cushions and curtains to do your Balinese bed has a very romantic and intimate air.

Accessories to add to your Balinese bed

If you want to create a chill atmosphere full out you can include decoration terrace or garden side tables with candles, puffs, lanterns, many cushions. To try to acclimate the most of the area where you put your Balinese bed and design a unique corner and very special in which to relax.

Round or square Balinese beds

The shape of the Balinese beds can be square or rectangular, like a normal bed, bed type or even smaller individual model, and can also be circular, very elegant and sophisticated. It can be left bare ceiling and put curtains or cover it with a cloth to be fully protected.

Like I said, if you do not want to spend much money on this accessory for your terrace, you can do the Balinese bed with your own hands. To do this, the pallets are great allies to build the base; on them, put a mattress that no longer use at home, with a cover of the colors that you like, smooth, patterned, and above it, many cushions. If you want to put curtains one option is to install a shower rods extending to a homemade canopy. It is very easy and you will get is great!

When you go to buy a Balinese bed cerciorate first well where you want to put the check that they actually have enough space for it. The most common are the large size of bed type, so if that’s what you add some accessories around it will be important you have available a fairly large area where it can be put without saturating space. If you have pool is great if you place it on the edge, to feel the water on your feet. But you can put it anywhere. They are very cool spaces as you will be protected from the sun and very relaxing because avoid prying eyes thanks to fabrics that cover

Balinese Four Poster Bed
Balinese Four Poster Bed

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