Decorating A Small Dining Room To Look Rustic

Do you remember that old wood shack in the forest? Do you remember that nice wood villa retreat you visited in the past? This article is all about bringing that kind of feeling into our home, our everyday environment. Of course making a whole new villa might be a bit over.

So we have to compromise by decorating a small dining room to look rustic. Rustic style bring us this welcoming aura and a sense of closeness.

Decorating A Small Dining Room

Decorating a small dining room to look rustic comes from this idea of nature inspiration. Rustic style can also be found in a vintage style room, that us why rustic can also be connected to the theme of nostalgia, looking back at the past, etc etc. In a rustic style dining room, antiquity looks good to spread here and there, They better well of as a decoration though.

For authenticity, you might consider having silver ware for eating utensils. Stuff like candle hang and old gun is also good with this kind of room. Bring out your country quilt and use them by hanging them on the wall. Of course the floor should be hardwood type to enhance the country style. Stay tuned on ‘decorating a small dining room to look rustic‘ article.

If you want to, you can find worn out furniture and decoration on flea market, garage sale or specific antiquity store. If you don’t have the money you can buy a new one and then make them look aged. You can find the instruction on the internet.

For fabric choice, leather seems to be popular in the past as well as cotton fabric. For furniture, wooden furniture is a must. Choose something simple with no upholstery or trim. for the table you can find a lot of natural table with varying shape and price in the internet. Good luck and have fun.

Decorating A Small Dining Room (5)
Decorating A Small Dining Room (5)

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