Decorating Luxurious Bedrooms With Chateau Style

Luxurious bedrooms ideas – If while traveling in Europe, you are imbued with the spirit of aristocracy and impress magnificent interiors, you probably wonder how you can do something similar at home. Do you want to make in your life a little luxury? You can design the interior in the style of the chateau. Chateau a manor of French aristocrats who are imbued with elegance and style.

To recreate a similar atmosphere in your bedroom, it takes a lot of effort. We have prepared a few tips to help you build in his apartment bedroom in the style of the chateau.

Remember that style chateau elegant and chic, but not flashy. It looks expensive aristocratic without kitsch. You will not find in these interiors, vibrant colors. All shades subtly into each other and create a harmonious whole. The bedroom in the style of the chateau have to be pastel colors: ivory, blue, linen, soft pink, cream, lavender, mint, white, pale purple. These colors create a romantic atmosphere, it seems that they are a little faded in the sun, that each of them has its own intimate story.

Luxurious Bedrooms Furniture Style Chateau

Choose furniture to the interior of this will be easy. Style chateau is very expensive. Put into the bedroom, made in a style the usual furniture is not possible. Plastic, glass, and all the modern technology is simply not fit into the interior. Furniture have to be wooden. You can use as an expensive mahogany with its unique color and flavor and softer rocks and cheap, but replacing wood analogues in any case impossible.

The interior in the style of the chateau to be luxurious bedrooms. Ideal rococo furniture with curved legs and beautiful carvings. Dressing table and chest of drawers in white color perfectly complement the interior of your bedroom. If the size of your bedroom allow to place in the interior, and even the sofa, then pay attention to the model of canapes, because this piece of furniture came just at the time of Louis XV, which will emphasize even more authentic style.

Horse riding chic becomes exclusive handcrafted furniture, which not only look great in the bedroom, but also will serve your family for many years and will be passed on from generation to generation. Metal in the interior in the style of the chateau is used very rarely.

Admitted chairs of wrought iron, but they do not have to look like new. It can be really period chairs or artificially aged. In this furniture has only one drawback a very high price. Things made by hand are always very expensive, and the furniture especially.

The fabrics used in the interior must also look expensive. Velvet, silk, satin all of these materials will emphasize the luxurious bedrooms chateau-style. Also, this style of interior design requires a long curtains of dense material that go down to the floor. Provide podvyazy Curtain: it can be thick braided rope or fabric tape.

Luxurious Bedrooms
Luxurious Bedrooms

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