Dining Room Design With Wooden Floors

The dining room is much more than just a place to sit and have a meal. The dining room design is where all family members gather in the evenings around the table to tell their days, where the best friends talk, laugh together and where one sits down to taste his coffee morning.

This is one of the most popular in the inner rooms: the cozy dining room at the same time nourishes the stomach and soul. In this article, we will explore then 10 examples of elegant dining room design in white and wood that allow all those moments to realize beautifully.

Let’s start with a modern dining room design with minimalist shelves and light wood furnishings that create a discreet background, cut by the bright kitchen backsplash. On the right, a sign with printed patterns gives an irresistible charm and personality to the space and acts as a colorful centerpiece that draws the eye.

The second dining room that we present, furniture and white walls accentuate the arrangement and design of the room, natural wood dining table simple and iconic Wishbone chairs that create a very strong contrast with minimalist materials used throughout the interior. This is a truly remarkable dining room.

This dining room is another elegant example that uses the iconic Wishbone chairs. The decor of this room seems strongly influenced by the Scandinavian and Nordic design. The dining room is in the middle of the kitchen and it is filled with noble materials in an eclectic decor and charismatic. The wooden floor of white distressed and traditional style furniture have in themselves, a story to tell.

Multiple types of wood used in this dining room give it a complex multilayered look. Note the folding chairs vintage style that are very easy to store when the owners of this beautiful place wish to have a little more free floor space.

Extremely warm and welcoming, the dining room uses a finish that brings out the yellow shades of soil and wood furniture. The chairs come from the collection “About a Chair” by Hee Welling and the lights above the table are the Heracleum II collection by Bertjan Pot.

The handles on the storage wall create a beautiful decorative element, accentuating the design from the functionality in this room. The luminaires are very inventive: a pendant lamp illuminates the table wrapped in soft light while the ceiling above it folds and sharing room indirect light.

The natural wood siding and wallboard elegant contrast with contemporary design elements in this modern dining room design as black lacquered kitchen chairs left and geometric shapes by Konstantin Garcic. The vases on the table complement the decorative theme and reflect the aesthetics of the wall print at the bottom.

Bright, spacious and beautiful that is the definition of this modern dining room design. The arrangement of the room includes a table positioned in the shadow of the sun passing through the window with a small secondary bar with views next to a window in the kitchen.

Dining Room Table Designs
Dining Room Table Designs

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