DIY Dining Room Table Ideas

For all homeowners who have the ability to allocate a whole room as a dining room or find a space in the living room for the organization of the dining area, may be interested in this publication is devoted to the selection DIY dining room table and attributes to it. An impressive collection of design projects living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and even a library with a DIY dining room table will provide you with a wide range of choice of this important piece of furniture for the whole family.

Plenty of options for colors, the use of different materials for making dining tables and decor, will help you to make your own right, a bold and perhaps a creative choice.

If you have a separate room for the organization of the dining area, the DIY dining room table selection is key in planning the design of the project rooms for eating, socializing, and the dispensation of parties, receptions, receiving guests. The table will be the focal point around which the whole concept of the interior dining room or living room with separate dining area.

Already around the table will be placed chairs, auxiliary furniture and home furnishings, cabinets, shelves, chests of drawers, and only then the walls, floor and ceiling. If we move in this direction in the design space of the dining room, it is possible to achieve a successful execution of the interior of the room, where it will be nice to meet not only all family members for lunch and dinner, but also the family, friends and friends of your home.

If your dining area or in the living room, you have allocated for the organization of the dining area, it has the shape of a square, circle, circle or oval, the logical option for accommodation in a diy dining room table will be a model in the form of a circle. The standard for a family of four is considered to be a dining table with a diameter of 1m.

To calculate the diameter of the table, designed for a large number of sitting, you will need to know in advance which model chairs or even a mini-chairs will stand around your center of focus of attention. On average, for each sitting, you must allocate 0.7 – 0.8 m of space, but it all depends on the features of your body household models of chairs and zone sizes eating and socializing.

Presented at the photos dining area is part of the spacious living room and separated only by a square of carpet. The style of decoration and colors dining group with a round wooden table corresponds to the general situation of the interior living room.

Logically, in the dining room, which combines the functionality of the library, the table has the shape of a circle as a symbol of the meeting, not only for dining but also for socializing, discussing pressing issues and achievements. Solid wood, from which made dining group, also makes reference to the library premises, filled with wooden furnishings.

Of course, a round or oval table, you can put more of household or house guests than their quadrangular brothers. The apartments and houses where there are small children, the rounded shapes of furniture are a priority and will require special protective fortifications for angles and bevels.

In a small eclectic room that combines the functions of a dining room, a place to relax and socialize, perhaps location and that’s such a small round table on a sustainable footing. Plastic model as versatile in its design and color, it can be a natural complement virtually any interior.

This dining area in warm inviting colors of natural origin, and another carries the functional load the hall for wine tasting. All the necessary paraphernalia, including wine cooler, located in the closet, which is a front for the next room.

Diy Dining Room Table Plans
Diy Dining Room Table Plans

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