DIY Hanging Lamp Design Ideas

Designing is not just about always producing new stuff, it’s also about finding new ways to do something we have to combine. That proves John Kiessler his numero uno, a designer diy hanging lamp that combines both.

Numero is both a new product is a combination of what we already had. His silhouette is made ​​of corrugated board and the cables are produced by the local industry, you can find the other components in a hardware store. The design diy hanging lamp is a design with little impact on the environment. The lightweight and the 21 watt lighting energy consumption in production and transport of this design diy hanging lamp is also lower compared to similar products.

Numero is an experiment to a semi-industrial product that is attractive produced yet bring affordable on the market. Also lost many of us realize where the things that surround us come from and how they are made. Therefore, in the tradition of the industrial history of Berlin, numero manufactured and assembled in the central Charlottenburg district, 2-minute walk from Zoo Station.

DIY hanging lamp light model is the most popular today. In addition to its unique model, the chandelier can add to the aesthetic value of a room. The beauty of the room will be radiated and stimulating jets of colorful soft from minimalist chandelier. Besides the existence of the chandelier is not fixated on one position only, but can be installed in different parts of the room, such as living room, dining room, bedroom, family room, office and so on.

Design diy hanging lamp made ​​of cardboard can be hung anywhere: over your dining table, above the sink, above your desk or workbench. No matter where you are numero hangs, hangs delightful! The design lamp is quick and easy to install and gives a beautiful, warm and pleasant light. Moreover, you can also adjust the height of the lamp for a more personal environment.

Diy Hanging Lamp
Diy Hanging Lamp

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