Drawing Room False Ceiling

Have you considering installing drawing room false ceiling? Installing one in your room is good idea to create a character and focus to the drawing room. There several option to choose. There are molding ceiling, there are dome ceiling and there are pop ceiling. These ceiling is a perfect choice to increase the value of the house. With proper selection for the room, you can create a sophisticated style of rooms. Have fun choosing. I hope this article can help you creating a better decorative design.

The first type of drawing room false ceiling is the ceiling molding and dome type. This type of false ceiling cover up your ceiling as a whole and hiding out any wiring, plumbing and maybe ninja. As such the space between the ceiling and the floor are considerably cut. To make your room appear larger, use warm color such as beige and white.

Tray ceiling for drawing room false ceiling is a good choice. This a very good choice if your room lacking light from the outside. Tray ceiling are usually installed at the border of the ceiling and circling the entire room. They did not covering up the entire ceiling, only the border. Your room still look larger so you can paint them a more vibrant color in accordance to your theme of the room.

Ceiling medallion for drawing room false ceiling are usually used if you have extravagant light fixtures, like a royal chandelier or something. The can be combined with molding ceiling to create a beautiful design. There many style and design that you can choose to match your room style.

Pop ceiling induce freedom of expression and art in their design. Indeed for a drawing room false ceiling this might be the best choice of them all. This is all because the nature of pop ceiling which can be shaped into any shape.

Modern Drawing Room False Ceiling
Modern Drawing Room False Ceiling

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