Exclusive Glass Staircase Design

The stairs are no longer tucked away in the entrance hall, but as part of the interior in the living room. Stairs exist today in all shapes, sizes and colors. The glass staircase is becoming increasingly popular because of its exclusive character. Moreover, this eye-catcher gives a unique and contemporary effect to your interior. We have 10 picture ideas about staircase design for your cozy dream house.

Not only looks a glass staircase chic, elegant and contemporary, a glass staircase also creates a feeling of space. Because glass is translucent, it creates large open volumes that allow daylight. In this way, the glass staircase therefore also a source of light, wa t it also makes it possible to play with light. Oh ok nice to place LED lights in the finishing speeches.

Glass is resistant to deformation at different temperatures; So it does not expand or shrink by heat or cold. Isbovendien glass scratch resistant, so do not be afraid to make a scratch with your shoes. In addition, glass is available in different sizes and thicknesses so that each type of glass staircase becomes possible. Finally, glass is unlimited available what an environmentally- making investment.

A glass staircase is as safe as a normal kick. Glass has a high bending tensile strength which glass breakage is almost impossible. Moreover, the glass is by the laminated safety glass stable at break. This is to say that all the fragments are held by the protective layer together. Nobody will therefore hurt yourself on the step. More over, it is also possible to have a slip-resistant layer to be affixed on the glass kicks speeches. That way you avoid slipping. You can decorate the staircase with many accessories. I hope you enjoy reading this inspiring article about staircase ideas, see you in the next inpiring article fellas.

Glass Spiral Staircase
Glass Spiral Staircase

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