Exterior Wall Panels for Spectacular Contemporary Home Design

Entitled as The Willow House, the contemporary home design with the exterior wall panels here surely would be a great inspiration for you who are seeking for a harmony between indoors and natural outdoors. Located in the famous and modern Singapore, this brilliant work done by Guz Architects surely is a great place to live in comfort. The blurred lines between natural greeneries and its interior surely can enhance the quality of life.

You can find easily from how this contemporary home exterior is done with openness to make it easier in integrating the indoors and outdoors. Mainly featuring the transparent glass element for its exterior wall panels, the contemporary home design ideas here also provide plenty of open spaces for more refreshing leisure times. See how the greeneries invade both interior and exterior for more harmonious look. This way, the gap between indoors and outdoors gets more blurred.

Look at how this open lounge celebrates a total protection provided by the lush greeneries. We simply adore how the greeneries are allowed to grow on the roof, which leaves are falling to reach the ground—creating an impression as if it is a waterfall of emerald green which is simply refreshing for tired eyes. Besides, the lush and natural greeneries may provide a great buffer to keep the privacy of this contemporary residence shut perfectly from public as well.

There is also a giant hole on the roof for this lounge which reveals the similar impression you can find easily in this home. By allowing more natural lights into this lounge, you can find how the greeneries planted below it can grow really well. This intriguing and refreshing view can be celebrated from the cozy kitchen bar too, which white interior with gorgeous wooden accent may blend brilliantly with the lush greeneries.

As you can see, the greeneries seem to be an essential part for the contemporary home exterior design ideas with the exterior wall panels which can be integrated indoors brilliantly and effortlessly.

House Spacious Pool And Gradening Spat Frontyard Added With Bright Lightings
House Spacious Pool And Gradening Spat Frontyard Added With Bright Lightings

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