Fall Garden Plants: Mosaic Of Colors, Shapes And Scents

Autumn brings with it an avalanche of colors, shapes and scents in a splendid scene in which nature throws his entire arsenal before the winter cold numb under the burden. If you want to have part of this show full of flavor color, then consider this arrangement ideas in order to have available a range of colors which give vitality, and a smattering of personality your fall garden plants.

Colors like a fireworks explosion, and all this from a single tree. Japanese maple, shape torso and rich colors, no doubt occupy center stage in autumnal spectacle. Give color for fall garden plants, but Musa and some texture to create interesting accents. A stone wall, a paved driveway that winds pots and other garden accessories and energize break the monotony of the landscape.

Shrubs of different sizes and colors of fall, creating layers, giving the impression of a fall garden plants that continues indefinitely. Diversity is one vibrant colors. Choose different conifer species to cultivate along the perimeter of the garden and thus create a background full of greenery throughout the year on which to express the rich colors of autumn.

If I spoke of plants of different sizes, and talking about plants that grow in different directions and forms. In this image, the foreground is occupied by a species of Japanese maple that brings a weeping willow, with branches dripping towards the ground, in contrast with shrubs around which tend to target the sky.

If you want to prolong your color show until late autumn and early winter even after all the leaves shake their trees, then choose flower stalk. With flowers in autumn colors, yellow, orange and red flower straw maintains its vividness and color even after it dries.

Not only looking to give your garden vertical proportions, but look in the lower plane. Cover the ground with a blanket of plants that produce and interesting colors, such as cranberries, whose bright red fruit will delight on all levels.

Fall Garden Planting
Fall Garden Planting

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