Hanging Planters Indoor for Refreshing Room Atmosphere

For you who love gardening, hanging planters indoor surely is great inspirations for you. Perfectly blending your favorite activities and to make your home looks even more beautiful, these planters can be brought both indoors and outdoors. These are also great way even for your small home with small lot to celebrate the freshness provided by natural elements.

Make your clean white room simply refreshed by allowing the vertical planters in. Look at the lovely hanging planters indoor here which features the lovely small terra cotta pots arranged carefully with the help of thick rope and scrap wood for a brilliant tiered hanging planter. The meet of varying natural colors and elements here is simply fabulous, right?

Reuse the old porcelain bowl as a pot for your small planter. To make it even more adorable, an embroidery hoop would make a great accent to make. Hang it on your hallway and see how it can provide a drastic change there.

Another inspiration can be seen here, which requires the beautiful cotton rope, colorful floss, metal ring, and hook. Carefully allow the potted plant to be supported by the rope steadily while allowing the colorful floss to provide another bright color accent other than the green plant. Other way, you can use the colorful ribbon as well. The pot can be replaced by an old can repainted in bright colors you love, including this beautiful bright yellow paint color.

Why should you go with the regularly shaped pots when you can explore more unique yet adorable ones? Here are a series of colorful cone-shaped pots you can make by yourself from polymer clay. To make these pots more striking, hang the unique pots using colorful ropes which can make your home simply playful and inviting.

If you love knitting, your knitted craft can make great accessories for your hanging planter. Look at how these varying pots may appear even more flaunting as they are hung by colorful knitted rope. See how it would be great as the natural hanging planters indoor too!

Hanging Planter In DIYwith Grey Color Of Pot Added With Any Kind Of Plants And White String
Hanging Planter In DIYwith Grey Color Of Pot Added With Any Kind Of Plants And White String

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