Heat the Home Efficiently This Winter with Wood Fired Stoves

A most important way to heat the house in winter is central heating and it has its place in many homes around the country. But for a heating method to create real ambiance as well as providing far lower cost heating, nothing beats wood fired stoves.

In times gone by wood burning stoves represented the heart of the home, providing the energy to power the kitchen range. As well as providing a necessary means for cooking these stoves were also used as a method for heating the kitchen and adjoining rooms. These same types of stoves are used today but are placed as a more central heating method and have proven to be very effective.

A wood stove is another name for this type of stove and generally defines a stove that burns wood to provide heat. The wood may be large logs or it may be wood pellets that have been manufactured specifically as fuel for these types of stoves.

There are some advantages to installing wood fired stoves in your home. When compared to an open fire these stoves are far more efficient, retaining the heat and burning at an efficiency rate of over 70 per cent. This is compared to the rate of an open fire that loses at least 80 per cent of its heat.

By using timber as the fuel for your heating you are using a renewable resource as opposed to the coal or gas that fuels most electricity supplies. The question of whether you are polluting the environment by operating a wood fired stove can be answered by the fact that when these units are operated properly they burn extremely cleanly. This will depend largely on the type of fuel you use .

As a low-cost solution that represents a good alternative to a heating method that adds to the energy use around the world, wood fired stoves have a lot to offer.

Wood Fired Stove For Heating Pool
Wood Fired Stove For Heating Pool

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