Home Libraries

It does not matter if you are an rabid reader, collector of a thousand titles of books or you are just a queer who wanted to show off that you have an intellectual quality having an actual library with a proper content really does have a class. So who wanted one in their home? I know I want. Home libraries also double as a reading room and triple as a home office and quarter as a study room. It’s such a perfect combo.

Home Libraries

First get on your home libraries design. You need to decide what kind of shelving you wanted to have and the layout. Layout the space if you want to add a table, reading couch. Figure out the electrical outlets for the lighting options. Lighting is important if you want to make your home libraries into a reading room as well.

Shelving should be as high as your ceiling to ensure maximum storing capabilities. The usual layout is to have three of this kind of shelving and then push them each on the side of the wall. You can leave the wall with the door and add additional small shelving for latter. Make sure the color match with the room and the wall so it does not look out of places.

Add a table (for working, reading, studying) in the middle of the room and a comfortable chairs. If you still have an extra space, bring a comfortable reading couch inside as well. A tall side lamp should be installed as well.

Usually home library only have a small window to reduce the amount of sunlight so the airflow might be a problem. To avoid this you may install an AC or small air fan. Good luck and have fun decorating your home libraries.

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