How To Decorate Home Theater Design

Decorate Home Theater Design – The Home Theater is a space designed to work as a movie theater on a small scale at home. If going to the movies is already great, imagine having home to the warmth associated with a unique space to watch a good movie, with acoustic and comfort suitable.

Home Theater Design Inspiration

Currently there are equipment for all spaces and budgets fits here out that space “home theater” is a different concept of the concept of home theater design. In this article we present a simple and basic solution for creating a home theater space, as more planning requires a project specific, designed by an architect or interior designer.

A special room is not needed, just respect a minimum space to be maintained between the chair and the tv. Most rooms has between 10 and 20 meters in diameter. To ensure the sound quality, the room should be closed and with little external light. The smaller the room, the greater the need for a well thought out design to take advantage of every space. Racks are good solutions for most TV room / home theater.

To create a comfortable and healthy environment is necessary to correctly choose the size of the screen, otherwise, watching television can cause headaches and eye strain. Another possible problem is that many TVs need a minimum distance so that your image has quality.

Installation should follow the manufacturer’s instructions, correctly positioning the front speakers, rear, subwoofer and others. The TV can be hung on the wall, but the speakers should have suitable media, except for the subwoofer you should stay on the ground because if placed on top of a piece of furniture may cause vibrations and consequentemnte, noise.

Home Movie Theater Design
Home Movie Theater Design

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