How To Make DIY Kitchen Decor : EAT Boards

There’s an industrial element with the metallic letters, a rustic element with the stained wood, a farmhouse element with the combination, a contemporary element with the sans serif font, as well as also more. The boards are quite versatile in style, which can be a Insentif as well. Of course, as with any DIY project, you can customize as suits your space as well as also style, so you can genuinely make This particular DIY home decor into anything you wish. Here’s how.

Materials Needed:

  • One (1) 1×6 board, 6’ length
  • E, A, as well as also T letters (cardboard, metal, wood, whatever)
  • Six (6) 1-1/4” wood screws
  • Spray paint for E, A, as well as also T letters in coloration of your choice (shown: flat antique nickel)
  • Wood finish of your choice (shown: antiquing glaze as well as also polyurethane)
  • Super glue or black mounting dots (not shown)
  • 3M command strips for hanging (not shown)

Begin by spray painting your letters. Recommended: a paint + primer to cut down steps. Spray paint all sides as well as also front surfaces of the letters, working in light strokes (instead of heavy ones). Recommend two or three coats until letters are coated satisfactorily. Let dry thoroughly.

While letters are drying, the idea’s time to prepare the mounting boards. Because a 1×6 board can be actually only 5.5” wide, your square mounting boards will be 11”x11”. Measure as well as also mark 11”, then cut the board. Cut six (6) boards of which are each 11” long. Although you are a precise measurer, there are times when cuts are not precise. Stand all six cut boards on their ends close together as well as also match them into three pairs where their lengths are the closest to each various other. (If you are a perfect board-cutter, feel free to scoff as well as also skip this particular step.)

Hover the letter over the board until the idea can be precisely squared as well as also centered, then press down firmly around the entire letter. Be sure, no matter which method you use, of which your wood grain can be running the same way for all three letters when you place them – either horizontally or vertically. You can just make out a bit of space between the letter as well as also the board, which can be perfect. Grab your 3M command hanging strips. Each of these boards plus letters weighed approximately 1.5 pounds, so they were fine with just one heavy duty hanging stripper board.

Hang them up with the hanging strips, as well as also you’re done! The wood grain looks great on a horizontal plane. The idea’s a graphic component of which adds to the kitchen decor, yet in a subtle, almost organic way. The 3-D spacing between letters as well as also boards can be one of my favorite aspects. Of which simple step genuinely takes this particular DIY project finished product to a brand-new level.

I love the simplicity of the lettering, the squareness of the boards, as well as also the faux metal letters. Enjoy creating your own reminder to EAT! (As if we needed reminding, I know…)

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